Being of Polish descent and having been raised in a predominantly Polish neighborhood, we reserve a special place in our hearts for these elegantly designed WÓDKA’s, the Polish word for Water (of life).

‘The Zam’(just say ZAM) is made from the heart of 100% pure rye grain, which is washed six times before the remaining processes are begun. We like rye-based vodkas as they impart ‘gravitas’ (a word not used frequently enough but used here, courtesy of my friend Jack, another rye vodka lover). Szambelan Vodka is filtered and distilled three times, creating a clean, pure & smooth spirit with a silken & warm finish.


The Palace on the Isle

Not all Vodkas carry a pedigree. Szambelan (the Polish word for Chamberlain) is a recipe that dates back 300 years and was the exclusive Vodka served at King Stanislas Augustus Poniatowski’s renowned Thursday Dinners. The Dinners, which took place during the Period of the Enlightenment in Poland, were the gathering place for artists, intellectuals and statesmen. The King, Catherine the Great’s lover, hosted these dinners, which spawned the first Polish literary magazine.

The frosted bottle features a window with a view of Ireneusz Izdebski IV, Chamberlain to King Poniatowski and ancestor to Agnieszka Izdebska, wife of Ken Brand of Brand Name Imports, exclusive Importer of Szambelan.

Available in Lemon, Vanilla, Cranberry and Cherry flavors as well as clear, ‘The Zam’ generously supports several charities including Make A Wish, Generoso, Shriner's Childrens Hospital, United Cerebral Palsy, the SunCoast Foundation for the Handicapped, Big Cat Habitat Child, Sarasota County Source for the Arts and many more.

Imported by Brand Name Imports LLC, Sarasota FL

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