Invoking the ‘cultura’ of Mediterranean ports of call, everything about this new imported ultra-premium vodka portrays grace & style.

Artisan-made Quay (pronounced ‘key’) is produced in France. Made in small batches, it’s distilled 5x & filtered 4x, leaving just enough flavor from the Rye & Wheat to impress.

Whether served neat at room temperature or with a breath of ice, this vodka is among the purest expressions of the distillers’ craft. It’s light, almost airy, with a silken texture…such smoothness. There’s a perceptible flavor and a hint of sweetness that, along with the finish, won’t go home until the sun sets over Jose Porto Banus.

Quay is vodka for purists and for those who embrace all things refined. While I will sip this vodka ‘neat’, the literature does suggest several cocktails such as the intriguing Quay Green Mintea-ni. This cocktail, which calls for Mint Tea, Honey & a lemon zest, brought back fond memories of many trips to the Mediterranean coast of Morocco, visitng my Moroccan family & of our sojourns deep into the souks of Tangier, Marrakech & Rabat. The heady aroma of fresh brewed mint tea and the *ceremony with which it is served (while you are haggling) is an experience not witnessed in other ports of call.

Recipe Quay Green Mintea-ni :
1 ½ oz. Fresh Brewed-Mint Green Tea
Honey and a touch of lemon zest

Shake with ice and pour into a chilled Martini glass; garnish with a drizzle of honey, fresh mint or sage leaf.

Imported by Bravado Imports, Lancaster, PA www.quayvodka.comwww.bravadoimports.com

Contact Dave Sheckart for information 717-625-0065 x 211

Moroccan Tea Ceremony

Photo, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Available in PA, Next stop, ‘QUAY’ WEST!

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