Celebrating 100 years of
Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch

Johnny Walker Black

When Fall comes to Tampa Bay, there’s a slightly perceptible chill in the air. It’s only a hint of the promise of milder days and cooler nights, but, for us whisky lovers, it’s enough to make one long for a wee dram. On such a day in late September, our wish came true.

We received a mysterious and luxurious ‘big black box’ filled with a nosing glass, measuring device, funnel, a variety of single malts, one ‘finished’ bottle of the blend & one empty bottle for us to blend our own. Joining in a live web cast with other JWB enthusiasts, it was as though Christmas came early this year.

Fans of Johnnie Walker give applause as we celebrate its 100 th anniversary in ‘09. This Scotch has it all. The ‘unsung hero’, according to Whisky Maker Andrew Ford, who led us through the tasting, is the sweet grain from the central belt of Scotland, which is its base.

More than 40 single malts are blended to create this classic. On that early Autumn day, we nosed and sampled the pure grain and six single malts including a light, grassy Lowland, a fresh & fruity Speyside, a full-bodied sherried malt rich with flavors of raisins and santanas, a robust Highland and two Islays that lend Johnnie Walker Black its signature peatiness.

While we experimented with the various single malts, creating our own style, our consensus: we wouldn’t change a thing. Johnnie Walker Black Label is perfect neat or on the rocks and luckily, it’s available everywhere and at your favorite bar.

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