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Imported by Prestige Imports LLC, the lure of Jaguar Vodka is manifold.

Hunt no more! Like the Jaguar itself, Jaguar Super-Premium Vodka is a very rare and endangered species. It’s very rare, as it is the only sugar-cane based vodka currently on the market; it’s endangered, if you don’t give this vodka its due!

Contributing a unique and fresh spirit

First, you’ll note this clean clear spirit is packaged inside a bottle that features impressive graphics of a jaguar (you’d think the animal is walking right out of that bottle!). With precision design, it’s easily opened and has an equally easy cork closure. The nose offers a hint of sweetness, unusual for vodka and more reminiscent of white rum. Our suspicion is that it’s due to the proprietary molasses recipe, which is slow-cooked under low temperatures in small batches. Jaguar Vodka is light, airy & crisp and has a finish with ‘hints’ of sweet. We tried their suggested cocktails and found the Naughty Kitty, made with Pineapple & Cranberry Juice, to be the pick of the litter!

Contributing to the local economy

Born in Barbados, whose landscape is dotted with mangroves, sugarcane estates and sloping verdant pastures, Jaguar Vodka uses a unique water filtration system composed mainly of coral and limestone, unlike other Caribbean countries, whose base is largely volcanic. In the distillery’s adjoining Heritage Park, there’s an Art Gallery, Ampi-theatre and shops selling exclusively hand-made arts & crafts from local artisans.

Preserving the Jaguar’s habitat—the Rainforest

Under the Federal Endangerment Species Act, the jaguar needs protection and conservation measures to guard against extinction.

The destruction of the rainforests, our source of much-needed oxygen, and its resultant devastating global warming has already affected our planet. Before the first bottle of Jaguar Vodka was sold, Prestige Imports preserved over 2 ½ million square feet of pristine South American rainforest and formed an alliance with ‘Rain Trust’. Each drink and bottle purchased increases the size of the Jaguar Vodka preserve and helps to protect our environment.

Jaguar Vodka is one cool (and tasty) cat!

Dori Bryant
Polished Palate LLC
February 24, 2009

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