Diamond Standard Vodka

The Polished Palate recently tasted this vodka. The bottle is stunning; what girl can resist the lure of an almost 1” ‘diamond’ embedded in the bottle? But, it’s what’s inside the bottle that really counts.

This, by far, is one of the smoothest & purest Vodkas that we have tasted. It’s as though we’ve been kissed by drops of morning dew, gently brushing against our lips, leaving us wanting more. The finish is equally smooth, tempting for those who prefer their Vodkas without a fiery finale.

In a category virtually all its own, Diamond Standard Vodka begs to be served neat-not even chilled. The equally elegant closure makes it easy—perhaps to easy—to open and pour.

There are several elements which are used in creating all spirits. From the climate & soil in which the spirit base is grown (wheat, rye…) to the water source used in the distillation process, no two products are ever created equal. You’ll note, in the press release below, that Diamond Standard Vodka is filtered through a ‘unique DeBeers diamond filtration system’. We do not know how much this system contributes to the final product, but, Diamond Standard Vodka is among this girl’s best friends.

Press Release

This spring, Diamond Beverages is launching the most valuable imported vodka in the world, The Diamond Standard Vodka. It is hand-crafted at the famous Polmos Siedlce Distillery in Poland, home to some of the most critically acclaimed & multiple award-winning Vodkas produced.

Each small batch of The Diamond Standard Vodka is made using world famous Polish rye grain and pure aquifer water. The vodka is distilled 4 times and filtered continuously for 7 days through a unique DeBeers diamond filtration system, delivering a silky smooth taste unparalleled in any luxury imported vodka .  Diamond Standard Vodka is perfect sipped chilled or served in signature cocktails.

This luxurious liquid is nestled within a designer bottle produced by Saverglass , made of perfume bottle grade glass and adorned with an extraordinary accessory - a 25mm Swarovski crystal, symbolic of the purity and brilliance of our vodka.  Swarovski crystal jewels have become an essential ingredient in international design.  Each bottle is simply a collectable work of art.

Diamond Standard Vodka is being launched in Florida April 2009 and will soon be available thorough out the country.

For more information, contact Bruce McDonnell, Executive Vice President, Marketing: BMcDonnell@DiamondBeverages.com.


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