We can spend a good deal of time surfing the Alchemia (Polish for alchemy) Vodka website. The music, paired with the visuals and loads of information, combines to bring promise of a magical mystery tasting tour!

Alchemy, from the Islamic ‘al-kimia’ means ‘the art of transformation’. Much as the ancient Chinese, Indian & Islamic alchemists sought to create Gold, Silver and the ‘Elixir of Life’ from common elements, Alchemia Vodkas spirit-up intriguing styles. And, after taking the first sip, they do, in fact, transform you.

The bottle, shaped like an obelisk, which is associated with timelessness and memorialization, magically appears to hold much more than it does. And, for bartenders out there, the bottle has indentations on each side, to lend a gripping hand when you’re undoubtedly going to be busy pouring this vodka.

Alchemia Polish Vodka uses Rye as its grain base and water from aquifers in what’s called the ‘green lungs’, the ecologically cleanest region of Poland. Their infused flavors (Chocolate, Ginger & Wild Cherry), use only the most lush and fresh natural ingredients.

For all Vodka fans, it’s really all about what’s in the bottle. Alchemia ‘Czysta’ (meaning clear or pure in Polish) is smooth and clean, with hints of warmth at the finish. For those who prefer some passion in their vodka, Alchemia’s for you.

Junior Merino, Alchemist of Alchemia Vodka, has been mixing and matching uncommon ingredients, creating cocktails with an exotic flair, for years. Visit Junior at

It is said that the obelisk signifies the sun god Amon Re and holds the ray of the Sun. For us, Alchemia Vodka shrouds much more than the mystical, rather, a palatable and preternatural potable.

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